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NETPack.Console.exe <input file> <parameters>

Output path (-o | --output)

You can set the output path for NETPack. Default path is input directory appended with "\\NETPackOutput\\INFILENAME_packed.exe". Only pass directory path, not full path to a file with this parameter.


Merge references (-m | --merge)

If you pass this parameter the packer will include reference packing into the packing process. Meaning it will find all non-core references for the target assembly, compress them and inject them into the output file. This option should be used if you wish to ship your assembly as a single-file solution instead of shipping additional .DLL files.


Toggle verbose output (-v | --verbose)

If you pass this parameter the packer will output additional packing step information while packing. Outputs in console by default, it can be set by passing a different IUserInterfaceProvider for the IPackerContext in Packer constructor.


Toggle compression level (-l | --level)

This parameter decides what compression level to use for the QuickLZ algorithm. The default value is 3, and it usually yield a better compression ratio.


Display help (-h | --help)

If this parameter is passed no packing will be performed. NETPack will simply output some information on each parameter in the console.


Unpack (-u | --unpack)

If this parameter is passed no packing will be performed. NETPack will simply check if the input file is packed with NETPack (looking for a netpackAttrib attribute on the main module in the loader), if found it will automatically decompress, unpack and write all files, both main executable and references to the output path.


Toggle apartmentstate (-ap | --apmntstate)

This parameter decides what apartment state the loader will set the thread too. Default value is STA.


No verification (-nv | --noverify)

If this parameter is passed NETPack will not include the verification process while packing. The verification step verifies the output assembly with the .NET SDK tool PEVerify.exe, if any errors are detected NETPack will send an automatic bug report to me with the Bugster system.


Preserve icon (-pi | --preserveicon)


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